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Extras for you to choose for your Treasure Hunt

1. Your own Treasure Hunt story can be written specially for you. 
Additional price £240.

Previous personalised themes have included:

2. A Treasure Hunt written for you around a new venue and location
Additional price £190

3. Suitable additions for Incentive Treasure Hunts
 and Reward Days or Away Days are:

We are able to arrange refreshments for you at a local bar/pub/restaurant,
 depending on your requirements, location and budget.

Meetings and Accommodation
You can have meetings and accommodation near to the Treasure Hunt location.   

You can complete your Treasure Hunt on foot.
Or we can hire cars, minibuses, limousines, punts or bicycles for your group.

You can have Hats, T-shirts or any other items to be printed with team names.

You can order additional prizes.
For example, more bottles of Champagne or additional prizes 
for 2nd, 3rd place.

For additional co-ordinators attending your Treasure Hunt event
 (above the normal number we provide) add £190 for each additional actor.

Use any mode of transport on your treasure hunt.  You can use cycling for transport in your treasure hunt.

If you have a themed event, you may want your co-ordinators in a specialist costume.  
For some themes, we may need to hire a costume at an additional cost.

Special Props
We have often created challenges that require special props for bespoke events. 
Our imagination for our Treasure Hunts is unlimited.

Entrance to Tourist Attractions
For some locations, you may want teams to access areas that require an entrance fee.  
For example, Hampton Court Palace, London Zoo or Shakespeare’s House.  
We can organise and purchase tickets in advance for your group.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee good weather on your Treasure Hunt.


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  Phone:  01790 756 940 

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